sometimes it doesn't take much

a friday is pretty sweet in genz but when you get to cut out early AND have 2 amazing packages waiting for you, it's kind of a perfect day.

i raced uptown to my mom and dadz (they're outta town, brahs! kegger!) because i knew that there would be 2 boxes of pure joy. (i get stuff sent there cuz my building is full of deviants)

1. brown sooo chloeish mary-janes from liebemarlene vintage
2. insane green 60's sandals that my dear friend ozan (sister of miss ece's) found at a garage sale and so amazingly bestowed upon me (the best kind of presents ever!)

i was wearing the most OUTRAGEOUSLY BLAND outfit of all time and so these 2 lovely things realllly brightened my day.

the epic perfect mary janes and knee highs i stole from my mom's closet (haven't rummaged around in there for YEARS. spoiler alert, there's nothing good). also, i have maybe never noted how kinda wacky the dining room carpet is. hmmm.

the most insane green shoes of all time. wearing them with this atomic orange nail color really borders on obscene, i'm not afraid to admit.

look at them!

she got them for a dollar! she is an EPIIIIIIIIC thrifter.
you can see some bits of her and her husband's geniusness here, their house in virginia is full of amazing stuff that they've thrifted/crafted/painted/built/designed/cooked/planted etc etc etc ad amazeum. thank you thank you bozan, i love them so much !

friday was too good!


edgecakez said...

yessssss!!!!!! thrifted goods from my sis ARE the best! i am currently awaiting a box of goodies myself. she is the master!

p.s...don't forget you still have a bag of thrifted stuffs of your sitting at my mom's crib...i.e. velvet JESUS painting.

laia. said...

yooooooooo sweeet new header!
also love those brown shoes an insane amount. YAY SHOES!

JLKING said...

like the shoes and the new title pic! hooray for friday! when does the next one get here...?

sleepyhead said...

the brown mary-janes are delightful!

ps, sweet banner!

Sally Jane Vintage said...

I was sooooo going to bid on those mary-janes had they been in my size. Lucky you! :)

White Lightning said...

yaaay thanks galz, i do love them so...

and DO you guys like the new banner? i couldn'e get it to upload just black type on white, so i went with goofy pic steez. not fully convinced yet...

Enfievre said...

love love the new banner. and love love love love the new shoes.

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