standin in the sun with a popsicle

ever notice how the most forgotten of bands are the ones that DISABLE EMBEDDING on their youtubez? lamesauce.

been on repeat all morning:
without a trace / soul asylum

here's a live version, pretty epic for some vintage pirner lusting.

btw, this is totally a starting point for margiela's shredded jeans AND katie's new 'baggy with peg roll' pants look. don't sleep on dave pirner's style! it got him winona when she was hot.

click here to listen to the album track (i forgot how TERRIBLE the official video was...soul asylum loved to be politcal. so bad!)

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besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i actually have TOTALLY noticed..EVERY frickin' time i want to post a video, it's cock blocked.

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