did you just call me coltrane?

this may prove to be too much for my fragile yet warped leetle mind..

the september harper's bazaar (which arrived yesterday) has a story on the RONSONS and they are styled like THE TENENBAUMS.* steve sent me a link today and i was like, all caps-ing all over him with how into it i was.


too much!

i can't take it!

charlotte is actually awesome as the baumer.
s rons is SO margot (is she actually wearing a DRESS?!?)
and obvs mark is just so pretttyyyyyy.....

i wish that they had gone a bit further with the shoot, i think the pink walls of chez tanenbaum woulda been sick. but i still love it, i won't lie.

pics by jenny gage & tom betterton / harper's bazaar

*which the boyfriend has declared "the stupidest thing i've ever heard" ! hater! you can't bring me down! don't listen to him mark, he's jealous of your tie clips.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I seriously had just saved these photos to post about! Mostly because of what Charlotte is wearing in the regular ones but yeah, this is such an adorable photoshoot.

laia. said...

bwaa i am LOVING samron in these.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

talent family!

Anonymous said...

no no no the ronsons are awful! they're a bunch of starfuckers, starting with the mom!!!

David Coggins said...

Classic choice with the 'Coltrane' title--but who's the Henry Sherman in the family?

Team Jacobs-McDermott said...

Oh, geez... I should be going to bed and instead I am instantly addicted to your blog. More, more, more!
Loooooooveeees it.

Anonymous said...

YO WL, have you seem the stickerz!?!

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