walk with a switch and talk with street slang

my yokoo chain is here !
thank you thank you thanks yokoo, it is so my new favorite thing. yay yay yay.
ps, $5 neon i heart NY t-shirts from st. marks? yes. yes, please.

i want a girl with extensions in her hair

bamboo earrings, at least 2 pair

a fendi bag and a bad attitude; that's all i need to put me in a good mood


roxanne said...

she can walk with a switch and talk street slang..

that necklace. whaaaat. totally puts a new spin on the whole gold rope chain thing. loving.

piƱa said...

whaaa dude! this is so fun. i love it all!!

jess said...

That necklace is great. I think its better than an actual gold chain

Stefanie said...

I really really like it! weeeeeeeee!

hazel said...

i love your shirt, seriously.

Isabel said...

That chain is just about the coolest thing ever. Especially paired with the shirt!

Enfievre said...


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