this needs to happen.

these will be free.
on september 6th. somewhere in new york (and other "fashion cities").
because i am crazy i will make it my duty to find these "hotspots" in this, my fair city. (i am betting on bryant park...i know, i know, how does one girl get SO SMART?!?).
how can i go on without one??

speaking OF, the tents are going up in bryant park right this very moment!
i just walked past on my to the mag store..(beeteedubz THE NEW PURPLE IS OUT. dash snow is wearing women's balenciagz. dios mio).


Anonymous said...

How much does Dash's editorial rule? Yeahhhhhh.

laia. said...

theres too much stuff going on man, my head is going to explode.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

ummm...and you will text me your exact location and we will bring disguises and get as many as possible and be EBAY CAJILLIONAIRES.

Lia Dominique Andress said...

Cuz- can you pick me up one?
Thanks if you do.

Meghann E said...

It's always exciting to see the tents going up as I walk to work!

edgecakez said...

ummm, i'm pretty sure i don't live in a "fashion city" anymore soooo i think i'm gonna need one of these thangs!

ess elsie. said...

Linked to your blog from Tavi. And I must find those bags. Epic, awesome, fabulous. All words that describe YSL and free bags at this moment.

And I love the tags for this post. Ahahha, totally describes my exact feelings after reading that article. Now to find out where these are being handed out...

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i'm outta town. please ms. lightning and mr.poliopoliopolio.......
get me one. i will be your best blog buddy for evs. and always.

even though i would be anyway.

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