what's with today, today?

why do i get SUCH an epic kick out of obviously fake fakery?
this sweatshirt was a gift from my friend mark about 3 years ago. he was cleaning out his closet, which really, deserves it's own blog- bonkerztownusa.blogspot.com

and as far as i am concerned? when you work in a refrigerated office seasonal dressing goes out the window.
sweatshirts in august!

pierre hardy wedges are only 39 bones at the 42nd street GAP ladies...i'm just saying...

that's what i'm talkin about.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

ummm...this shirt has been sitting in my closet just WAITING TO BE WORN:


Arabelle said...


or the sweater. and the skirt. and the shoes. if you ever considering becoming a nudist i get first dib on your wardrobe kthanks

Stararah said...

I have a t-shirt with the same pattern.


Your sweatshirt is sweet, though!

SICK. said...

those pierre hardy for gap shoes were only 15$ in montreal ! i saw them today, and seriously considered buying them.


jana said...

Yea, I totally bought those pair. I read some article where Pierre Hardy said he based the entire collection on the film Zabriskie Point (from Michelangelo Antonioni). While that may be a lofty comparison, I still love my shoes.

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