where they pour coca-cola just like vintage wine*

so i took an internets holiday this weekend?
after work on friday i didn't touch a computer til this morning. i felt like my back and my brains could use a break, ya know?

it felt pretty good but..
the part that kills me is that i missed blogging.
i am so lame.
i have become officially an internet fiend.

in other news, here is what i am dreaming of:
a short bowly-bangsy-bobby haircut that i am pretty sure would look AWFUL on me.

yokoo's amazing bowlcut (and posture!)

agz new cut. and although i am a leeetle tire of her face, i do love this new teensy bob

facehunter girl

*sooooo into elvis costello right now. this happens every few months.

(images by yokoo, not sure, and facehunterrrrr)


edgecakez said...

definitely suffer from bang-envy myself. sometimes life just is not fair.

i like to listen to "watching the detectives" on repeat sometimes. so good.


Sarah said...

ahhhh i love aggy's new cut.

so precious.


JLKING said...

do the facehunter girl's haircut. i'd do it but my round asian head won't let me.

Stefanie said...

i think something like the last girl's cut would look SO good.

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