whoooaa duude, 08-08-08

ohh emmm geeee, dudez
the olympics start today!
I LOVE THE OLYMPICS ! i do, i really really do (nerd alert).

diving and gymnastics and hurdles and everything, i toootally get into it. yaaaay yay.

SO..(shades of PROJ):
the fash story in last sunday's times magazine (if you missed it) had olympic-themed outfits that were commissed by that fancypants chinese dept store lane crawford.

i love the pucci leotard (actually would be so supercool avec highwaisted AA skirt, juuuuust sayingggg...) and the siiiick givenchy archery situation...

photos by chad pitman / styling by the epic melissa ventosa martin (ok, ok, full disclosure: she IS a dear friend but she is SUCH a good stylist. watch out for her.)

photos from the nyt


hard liquor; soft holes said...

i was WAY into the YSL oversized olympic rings necklace. DIYSLF time this weekend?

KATLIN said...

I like these so much better than that Lucy Liu editorial!

makemoremistakes said...

ooooh i'm totez into those photos.

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