um..don't hate me ok?
i..uh..i have already seen the first three episodes of gossip girl.


i know! i'm sorry! dre had them, i can't pass that up!
don't be jealous because NOW i have to wait 3 weeks until i see anything new. so really, i win and i lose.

what did you think of the premiere?



blair is too fucking adorable. although her bags are consistently HIDEOUS. what's that about????




so boring and lame. dan humphrey lonelyboy is a tool. nerdtown. lamez.


jay mcinerney MAYBE needs to always be on. more drunk ornery authors, i say!


this bitch was either on like, law&order or was it ER? lesbian social worker or something? hard to see her as a cunty fashion lady.


even in a mint green bow tie ensemble i love you.


OH MY GOD! TANYA DONNELLY SHOUT OUT!! haaaaahahahhaha. oh, 'feed the tree' . wow, BELLY! haaaahaha. they MUST assume that retards like me DO watch this show and not just 15 year olds.


holy SHIT. the TINZ!!!! my sister loves the tinz. when they shut down that socialite blog she was so bummed. how can you not love someone whose husband is named TOPPER?


boring and EW.


omg. eight letters.
omg. "and 'i'm chuck bass' doesn't count"
omg. that headband
omg. i love you.

next week is just as good, promise.

ps, vitamin water needs to RELAX.


laia. said...

mwahaha best recap ever.

1. that dude being a british lord? HILARIOUS

3. seriously boring. and serenas dress and hair? COME ON TRY HARDER. also, why do people get mad when people hook up with other people while they are broken up? I really would've loved Dan to be all WE WERE ON A BREAAAAAAAK!

4. hilarity. i mean. wow.

8. The whole Jenny storyline was so incredibly ridiculous and laughable. She made a dress for her boss to wear to a party? Without her boss asking her to? TINSLEY'S VOICE??? omg. loved it.

10. brutal.

Alyssa said...

Love. Love. Love. In every way.

Can I just, like, HAVE Chuck?

Just for like...an hour.



T-Bonz said...


Yes, yes, and yes.

We have already discussed the moronicness of Jenny Humphrey sewing samples - you know how I feel about that shiz.

And if it was the White Party, where the fuck was Diddy? Vitamin Water is partially owned by 50 Cent, and seeing as how he and Diddy don;t exactly dig on eachother, I am sure that Vitamin Water would not sponsor anything having to do with "Preserving" P Diddy's sexy.

These shows need a fact checker.

Hazel said...

i just wanted to let you know how much i LOOOVE your blog, as well as your editorial for T!!!

Fashion-Obsessed! said...

oh my gosh!! Why oh why do i not live in the US? Then i could watch the new season of GG, but no i probably have to wait about a year for it to air in england!
So jealous!
great post. GG is possibly the greatest show on earth

jill said...

60+ hours locked in a car over the weekend resulted in me missing this. can we still be friends?


ess elsie. said...

where did you find the episodes?! i think i'm gonna be drowning in schoolwork for the next couple of weeks and would love to get my share of the fantastical hot chuck bass-tard. share? pretty please?

Leti said...

I did a seriously LOL at that vitamin water comment.

Also Serena in the Vena Cava dress, yes please.

July Stars said...

I ... am ... hyperventilating ... please send me those three episodes pronto or I'll end up in a sordid UK jail for illegal downloads.
And Jay McInerney? One of the best US writers ever?

White Lightning said...

i can't give you guys the episodes! i wold if i coulddddddd. they are on a dvd that came from the CW to my friend to review for a magazine...all in good time my pretties!!

although for my lasses in the UK, i am truly sorry. how long do you have to wait for it?????

Anonymous said...

HAHA I wrote my GG recap a couple days ago and it's like we're like twins or something, ignoring the fact I'm a skinny little black girl :P

Basically the only reason for the show is Chuck. :)
Although I still love it

Dana (MODAna) said...

I also think the Serena/Dan story is a snore.
it's all about Blair

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