ew, i still hate that SARS.
hatorialist for life, yo.
but sometimes he takes pictures of my friends and what am i supposed to do then?
they ARE supercute..

yaaaay, melissa and aya !
i can't hate when it girls that i know and love.

EPIC SIDENOTE: aya's tank is a real deal VEEN-TAHGE invitation to a keith haring party from 1985. her parents went. they kept the shirt.
i mean, WHAAAAT.
are YOUR parents this awesome??? spoiler alert, mine are not. my mom went to woodstock and can't remember a thing. love it aya, love itttttttt.


Hazel said...

you hate the sartorialist?! how!

Tavi said...

oh I hate him do, don't get me started on the dumb makeover.
But YAY lightning buddies! My dad went to Woodstock too. He used to have a fro. But he claims he's still just as "hip" and "groovy" as he was back in the day.

Hazel said...

oh...oh god. i know what tavi's talking about. okay, that makeover on that poor girl. that did tick me off...alot.

i get why you hate him. :)

sleepyhead said...

your friends are beautiful. and sars shot rumi from fashion toast so my heart is softening....a little.

Tricia said...

finally, i've found sart haters. i became a hater when he got an art show. takes nice pics, but art?? puleeze.
but you're allowed to be happy for your beautiful friends!

laia. said...

i saaw the picture of that girl with the Proenza vest and my heart totally skipped a beat, again, I am not even surprised that you know her. She looks insanely cool.

T-Bonz said...

Dude, not only that -- Mom left early. Too much rain.


regardless of sart
yo ladies is gorgeous!
pulled together yet look fresh n supadupa great

White Lightning said...

my hate for SARS goes beyond his gross 'makeover' post but that is the EXAMPLE of the attitude that i find such a turn-off. i feel that he is a middleoftheroad photog who has made his name by only shooting top editors in a giant kissassfest so as to gain entry into this world. its so transparent. his commentary is INANE and he thinks he is the fucking last word of good taste and fucking pocket squares.
i have also met him and have mutual friends and acquaintances and what i hear and know turn me off VERY MUCH.


i cant hate on the well dressed men and women that i have the pleasure to know, and so if they are featured i will give a shout-out.

especially melissa and aya who are insanely gorgeous and wear something completely epic EVERY DAY. (laia, the proenze vest is just the tip of the iceberg. she just bought these white pierre hardy shoes that i am trying to steal. they are SO SICK)

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