dont mess with da big gunnz

if i didn't absolutely LOATHE this self-absorbed little ahole before last night, my full on GET OVER YOURSELFNESS is complete.

what an ASSHOLE. who talks to TIM GUNN like that?
i mean, seriously.
he is the one person there whose only objective is to HELP YOU and give you constructive criticism free of personal gain.
you may disagree with his opinions but don't be such a BRAT about it. ugh.
that laugh is like the most irritating thing ever.

ps, korto smiled! holy crap.
pps, heidi's undisguised loathing of kenley is so amazeballs
ppps, i love how nina shuffles her cards. NINA, TE AMO
ppppppps i had to add my "around the way girl" tag in honor of mr ladies love cool james. um..."style icon"..uh..ok.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

is it weird for once i DIDN'T think suede was the worst? and actually thought he did MUCH better than leanne? i mean, it was kinda snores but that's what post-glam white rockers wear now, no?

hard liquor; soft holes said...

also, "around the way girl" tag is PERFECT because kenley basically designed something you could buy at a combination of rainbow, strawberry, and bang bang. i guess fulton mall KINDA equals hip hop? NOT REALLY.

hazel said...

woops. sorry bout that other comment...didn't scroll down. haha.

desmitten said...

I am SO OVER Kenley! She in no way deserves to go to Bryant Park. Also, Kenley's "style" is just doing the same 50's dress in different forms. Her one attempt at pants was a total disaster!

Carsi said...

ugh Kenley GTFO. Did anyone else spot the horrified look on LL's face when he saw Leanne's ass in those pants and then he made the comment about "Mom jeans". :o

Leti said...

My favorite part was Heidi complimenting Korto's ass. "Vhen you turned ahhround and walked it was niiice.

ETL said...

Yeah. I'm quite ready to murder Kenley. I mean, really.
And I just about died when Korto smiled =] The girl really is alive in there!

Kyla said...

Kenley needs to get beat down for talking to Tim like that and to panel like that for that matter. I can go to a vintage store or value village and get a dress that will look like what you would make any day. Get in your Delorean and go back to 1955 biatch!!!

Hanna said...

I despiiiiise Kenley, her voice is so nasal. She's like a rude fourteen year old "mean girl" with red lipstick.

Joy said...


also, sweet blog, grrl!

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