the dope show

these shoes is crazy.

(what is this 'just so' angle that gave me a freakish long limb shin? all the more to make the boots bigger and insane-r.)

so arabelle sent me a link to these locosaucerys and was like, mabes your chloe jones can be fulfilled for like 9 million dollars less? (atually she called them "elfish wedge robot looking shoes". it's really quite an apt description.) yesssss arabelle yesssss. thanks again.

i am still almost on the fence about them, although i've been wearing them out and about and they're just so SHINY and RED they make me a little happy. it gives me a bit of this vibe but i LIKE IT.
i do have to say that i hate that they're called the 'rivington'. ew.
def makes me want to barf a teensy bit but oh well, NOTHINZ PERFECT.*

got stopped on my way to work this mornin by a jamaican lady:
"guuuurl, you wearin those shoes from the payless? you WORKIN it. you hear me gurl? YOU WORKIN IT!"

*ok that's a lie. a few things off the top of my head: chuck bass, ace of cakes, mark ronson in a suit, it's a shame about ray, the office season 3, rainbow sherbet, julie andrews in the sound of music.


k coleslaw said...

hey, i luvv yr blog, WL!

laia. said...

they look pretty rad.
and OMG MM.

Enfievre said...

i cant find them on the site. i need!!! did you buy them at the store?

Tricia said...

I adore these, and I understand the hesitation but...the tassle! the open toe! well done, alice+olivia. they've got them at the payless at 34th & broadway if you're in nyc, enfievre.

lauren said...

ohhh, just thought you might like to know. i attended a friend's wedding this weekend. (i'm from baltimore.) and not only was the cake from ace of cakes, but several of her bridesmaids were ace of cakes employees, and a few other guests were also from the show. i was like, "that dude is totally a babe, he looks familiar. who is he?" and then turned on the tv later that night to discover that it was ben turner from ace of cakes - if you know who that is. total cutie. anyway, i danced w/ all of these people. crazay.

April said...

aaaaah i've been wanting those shoes too but i have zero dollars, so i can't afford the fifty buck pricetag. seriously, i've been paying for everything in quarters lately.

lol to the jamaican lady!

hard liquor; soft holes said...

to lauren: I'M SO RIDICULOUSLY JEALOUS THAT YOU GOT TO DANCE WITH BEN. please send him love notes for me with lipstick kisses. j/k don't do the lipstick kisses. i'm a boy.

emily said...

there are not even words to describe how a) cool those shoes are and b) how much i want them now.

they look JUST LIKE the chloe ones you wanted! in fact i think i like these payless ones better!


Tavi said...

THOSE ARE SICK MAN. Mega sick to the infinity.
I'm with the jamaican chick. HOT LOOK HAUTE GURRL.

Julie Andrews is perfection in basically everything, even Princess Diaries and that movie sucks. Though I still watch it for sentimental value, or if my sister and I fight over what movie to rent (last time it was Wayne's World or Must Love Dogs) and end up picking a crappy movie we'll both hate.

LOVE the shoes man. LOVE EM.

Isabel said...

That Jamaican lady was so right mon, those shoes is SICK on you!!!

Meaghan said...

those boots are fantastic.
but ace of cakes?
its so perfect it defies description!

Tricia said...

ok, if you get the street holla approval than you know you did right.

Hello. said...

ur shoe is insane babe

Mavis Ang said...

omg those shoes rock! it reminds me of a pair of storm trooper inspired hells i saw on the net!

nv said...

AH those shoes are amazing, I want them in black. that's so cool how you got stopped by someone to get complimented by your shoes!

White Lightning said...

dudes, the shoes are pretty awesome. cheap thrills! 48 dollars. the black is really really sick, i wont thin kabout what if scenarios becuase they only had the red in the store and i LIVED IN THE MOMENT. they are easy to walk in and pretty comfortable. plus they make you TALL.

i am strangely someone who gets stopped on the street for random compliments/commentary. i think its because i seem non-threatening. its nice but sometimes weird.

Catie Nastovici said...

ooo they look like poo online but look sooo good on you!...i may have to steal...yum yum. is it bad to have two pairs of red boots?

Hannah said...

Oh my god, those are awesome shoes.

Shay said...

I kind of love these as well. Can't seem to find them anywhere in Canada, where even payless strives to be as uncool as possible. They think we can't handle these shoes.

elysia mann said...

i REALLY want these!

GAIA said...

these boots are so fucking sic.
So so good.

Great blog!!

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