editor sightings are better than celebz

just back from marc by marc.

adorbz, duh.

you will all die.

it was mostly very pale and pretty and cute.
nothing earthshaking but lots to lust over.
like black and white stripe oxfords and laceup short boots with no fronts (that is my best description) and beltsnbeltsnbelts and gooood slouchy pants and great patchwork0y dresses.

i really actually don't care about the celebrities (but MISS R. ZOE, please stop SCARING ME) it is the editors i LOVE to see.
fabien baron walked past and i was beside myself.
i also realized that ingrid sischy and olivier zahm are oddly similar looking.

more tomorrow with pics!


emily said...

so lucky you are, miss elizabeth. were you front-row?

Unknown said...

oooo i'm excited to see the photos. im all about slouchy pants at the moment. rachel zoe is terrifying.

miss fashion said...

ah, cannot wait to see the photos from the show! i always love marc's designs.


Maristella said...

1. Did you miss gossip girl? I always love reading your comments... have you read the recaps on New York Magazine (Daily Intel)... they are pretty funny!

2. R. Zoe is scary!!! I plan on being terrified tonight, it's the premier of her reality show on bravo... it seems interesting and the guy that works for her has the most amazing preppy style!

3. Whats the typeface you used for the Walkmen album cover? Its pretty sweet!


Tricia said...

exactly, thank you. who cares about how celebs dress - it's generally not even their true style. I miss Chloe and her fab kooky ways.

sleepyhead said...

even though zoe scares me, i'm still watching the premiere of her show. oops!

edgecakez said...

soooo cute. i love everything! and

Enfievre said...

zoe makes me shake in my boots.

laia. said...

the shoes are soooo good!

also, kate lanphear was at the Tibi show and I almost peed my pants. Mostly because I was REALLY not expecting her to be there.

also also, the ingrid/olivier comparison is scarily accurate.

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