every week is fashion week

oohhhh luella!

(sort of like marc s/s 08 but BRITISHER.)

someone is ahead of the trends already rocking a flat doily/head topper and her name is TAVI

(how great is this picture? can you STAND IT? so epic. get this kid a magazine already.)

what can top the WITCHES HATS from last season?
hmmm....lemme think....

hot pink riding hats with widow tulle? how bout that?

i would wear this.
no i wouldn't.
ok, maybe, stop twistin my arm!

pics from style.com and tavi


City Chic Please said...

luella was FANTASTIC!! ahhhh, i was so happy. and the hats were amazing...

and i agree with your post below. top design IS amazing. wisit is my love; i want him to sing opera to me.

and andrae on the next episode!! too excited...

hard liquor; soft holes said...

man, that pic of tavi could totally be an old cat power record cover.


Tavi said...

Haha, I'll contact Chan Marshall and pitch her the idea.

Thanks Elizabeth!!
And oh garsh...I need to look at more Luella stuff...I'm very behind on fashion week altogether, anyways. I was waiting for all the shows to post, but now there are JUST TOO MANY AMAZING ONES.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i have to show you the topper i wore to wedding#2. you will like.

and riding hat+tulle...crafternoon anyone and drunks evening [riding in cabs and street fotos] to follow, yes please!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

also, thank you for the heads up..i just found out--tavi is THE most amazing!

omfg. she knows already, what it took me so long time to figure out.

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