for the love of sample sales

once the temp is below 74, i say BUST OUT THE TIGHTS.

and your giant miu miu pin

and the messmessmess

yaaaay redredred

and a plastic chain link prada belt

i want to wear these tights every day. i might do that one week, disregard the color of the tights and wear whatever with them.


laia. said...

DUDESSSSS what is that GYNORMOUS pin?

Leah said...


Miss Woo said...

Do it! You should totally have a red tights week.

beccajanie said...

I love the pin, the tights, the belt - all of it! Fabulousness.

white lightning said...

laia, ginormo pin is miu, same season as my bag you like. sample sale madness! i believe that same season was the belt i wore that day too, when prada made all those plastic link belts/necklaces

i like to wear rthem together, it seems funny.

the pin is HUGE. like obnoxiously so.

miss w- i am going to! its getting HOT again, ewwww. as soon as there is a week of below 75, i am all over it. altohught its sposed ot be 80 today and i am wearing them AGAIN

leah and beccajanie: thanks!!!!


minnad said...

i love that purse! what is it?

Jessica said...

you have a great blog missssy :)

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