free fallin

i am loving the newest isue of pop..remember, the one with the various PRADA NUNZ on the covers? (spoiler alert, i bought these 2).

i have to say, one of the best editorials in it (and there a LOT of good ones) is the ryan mcginley/katie grand story with agyness jumping off of buildings.
it's really good. i feel like RG's work is stronger when he does editorial, when there is a story to tell....

i have to scan my favorites. the pictures are really pretty great.

ps, i am enamored of katie grand. i want to be her.


laia. said...

yaay they're out!
I gotta go on the second round of mag-buying this month. i cant wait to sit down with some records and get lost in them.

Tavi said...

ELIZABETH. so i'm going through my rolling stone, and i get to reviews, and what cd do i find? THE WALKMEN. you should be proud :)
OoOoOoO...i want the nunz magz so badz.

La Clocharde said...

I'm not a big fan of Agyness but that photo is fantastic. She is the right model for it, with that hair and the rocky attitude she always has...

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