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my home internets are busted! total blergtownz. who knows when i'll get around to having that jazz get fixed. so..spotty posts for the next few days, i guess. so veryyyyy annoying.

you know what makes it seem better?
oh..just a jonathan saunders for target skirt.

saturday i went to the target pop-up store on bowery & 2nd (it's an old restaurant space, and dave has used it to shoot lookbooks before and it was funny/weird to go shopping there. cute idea, ghetto execution)..oh, and i went with jen of GNARLITUDE FAMEZ (hey now! blogtown crossoverz) who's in new york for a while! shweet.

it's cute, i like it. like a oil paint-y swirl silk thing with black buttons down the front. 26 bones. cheap THRILLZ.


Tricia said...

have got to check this out. but couldn't take the idea of a crowded shop last week.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

i went like an hour after you and tried on that color-block t-shirt and it looked so sad on me. BLERGH.

The Corporate Pinup said...

the skirt looks just like dries marble print. or are my eyes deceiving me?

KATLIN said...

So freaking cute! I love the print, it looks better in your pictures then it did in the released one. I'm definitely going to have to stalk this skirt on their site!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

omg..thats like the dries top i wanted for fall.
i may hafta hafta copy love.
p.s. sorry to have missed you on friday. hangtime soooooooon por favor!

maddie said...

wait WHAT? all of us sad beings in west coast suburbia don't get that shiz for another 2 weeks!

The savings are so far away...

White Lightning said...

yes, its tooooootally dries lite.
in a good way! i also got a a button down shirt in the same print, but its cotton, not the chiffony-silkishness of the skirt. i wanted to wear them together but i drew a line.

its the best thing in the collectin, in my opinion....

Ashleigh said...

Reminds me of Dries....love it =)

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