i have no excuses

i don't know how to tell you this so i'm just gonna SAY IT

I AM SO TOTALLY INTO THE RACHEL ZOE SHOW omg and i hate myself for it and she is still scary but kind of funny and i love taytay and the gay and that is what the show should be called and holy shit her husbands hair is weird and i want all these cloooothes and she loves the DEAD and wants to name her BABY SCARLET BEGONIAS and i cant take t because its all too much and all of the ANIMAL PRINTS and FLOATY LAYERS OF THINGS. BRAVO, STOP TAKING OVER MY DVR.

don't even get me started on brad's outfits.


Meaghan said...

I KNOW!!!!!

KATLIN said...

My thoughts exactly! I was all like, yuck Rachel Zoe is on. Then my friend who is really into fashion but never heard of her thought she was so nice and amazing that she wanted to be her. And I find myself kinda agreeing... :)


i LOVE RACHEL ZOE. she pretty much rulez the world. may she live long, prosper, and dominate our wardrobes forever!

Unknown said...

dude omg i must have watched each episode like 5 times. IT'S ALWAYS ON IT'S NOT MY FAULT.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

soo addicted. For realz. Love leopard and lala and gays in bow ties and my spainard ask if the hubbie is gay, I said he's just LA.
.p.s.there is a marlow party mañana at 7 on mulberry with free booze and cheese. Come!

T-Bonz said...


Unknown said...

i am also REALLY into it and am warming to the zoe... so obvz her plan is WORKING.
I'm OBSESSED with her husband!

Maristella said...

Her husband is so weirdddddddd.....

And in the future when I make millions I will hire Brad to style me, or just buy him... or his clothes, since I already dress like a dude and shop in men's sections/departments/stores....

Carson said...

I love the Tay and Brad drama. I thought I would hate the Zoe, but the only thing I hate is the way she talks. It's actually a really entertaining show and I'm obsessed with the clothes she won't STOP BUYING!!!


Isabel said...

I haven't watched it, but I'm sure I would (guiltily) enjoy it if I did.

Style Bite said...

Me too!!

Anonymous said...

i want her closet. that is all.

Vancouverista said...

When I grow up I plan to be EXACTLY like her except minus wrinkles and plus brain.
I die.

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