i lost the taste for judging right from wrong*

oh good grief. i am the worst teevee recap blogger of all time.

here's the truth, sweet bros: i am sneaking in teevee time at the last minute these days and since my internets are busted i am having major blog pileup. i am sorrrryyyyy.

between my real job, teaching, blogging, bottles of wine, being awesome, thinking too much about my hair, freelance projects, looking at apartments, staying awesome, and keeping my HOME from looking like worn-torn BEIRUT... i am all over the place.

i apologize.

in the spirit of DA HILLZ tonight (which is such a sad retarded train wreck that i can't look away from) let me mention that my friend has started a blog (ANONYMOUSLY..oooooh mystery) and he posted something kind of hilarious today:

haaa. oh, LO. how i used to love you.
well anyways, go to the great event of 1928.
he is responsible for this bit of PUNNINESS and he posts good music.

* i can't stop with the blitzen trapper song. if you know what's good for you you'll get into the groove.

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ETL said...

Oh. My. God. Best song ever. I love Urban Outfitters free downloads!

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