it broke the heart of men and flowers and girls and trees

fall is tooootalllly here..i bought HOT COFFEE this morning. big step, guys. HUGE.
i love it, i love it so much.
i love sleeping with all the windows open, i love tights, i love cool breezes.
happy happy happy happy

i bought this weird satiny purple shirt while thrift shopping in philly a few weeks ago..i think it's pretty boss.

asymmetric pleating? who designed this thing? i want to buy you a coke.

this jumper thing from old navy is seriously the best 5.99 ever spent.

ps, also officially psyched on my haircut. it only took 2 weeks.


Hazel said...

as a philly kid, please tell me WHERE YOU BOUGHT THIS SHIRT!!!

jill said...

as a northwesterner - come to my side of the country. you'll never buy iced coffee again. :(

Gabby said...

I love this!

niki said...

your bangs are lookin goooood. and i am dying over that shirt. so jeal.

KATLIN said...

Such a good find! I love that color and those pleats!!

Stefanie said...

the bangs look SWELL missy

Violet said...

i love it!!.. and i now what a cup of coffee.. ok maybe just hot coco lol
the top is awesome

Gnarlitude Jen said...

this is so s/s 09 luella! i obvs love the color.

Belinda said...

I love your shoes!

laia. said...

that top is magical.
perhaps i should hit some germantown thriftstores tomorrow....

The Stylish Wanderer said...

love the pleats!

and I KNOW fall is totally here...!!!!

brendan donnelly said...


Enfievre said...

outfit rules. bangs rule more.

Johanne said...

I knooow, fall is such a lovely season. I drink coffe all the times these days.I love your blog!Wanna trade links?


Tricia said...

serious, 5.99? and the purple pleating, love it.

White Lightning said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! i love this outfit, i would wear it everyday if i could.
thankssssss for loving it too.

the shirt came from that little flea market-y building that has all those vendors in it? that is right by the main shopping street in philly? i wish i could be more specific. the lady mostly sold furniture but had one little rack and this shirt was clearance. no idea WHY because it rules.

and yes, the jumper was old navy clearance last spring, 5.99

oh and the shoes are stever madden from last spring as well.

and my 2nd favorite american apparel tights.. that weird mahogany color.

piña said...

everything about this is awesome! the colors, the pleats, the bangs.... perfect!

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