it's like todd time! but not!

uggghhhhhh you GUYS!!! you STILL aren't watching top design?!???


let me give you FOUR REASONS to tune in, this week especially...

KELLY WEARSTLER. look at this crazy bitch, i love her. she's the nina, obvs. look at the die-balls she is throwing! her HATS are reason enough to tune in.

watch and love.

last week jonathan adler said "your marital bed is j'adorable". (to wisit and white-dude-whose-name-i-forget). and IT WAS because WISIT IS EVERYTHING.

the next challenge has ex-proj peeps as the clients!!!!
like SANTINO (be still my heart) and ANDRE.

(i love you)

listen..just let go. just let bravo and the "top" franchise take you into it's warm, low-budge embrace....


sleepyhead said...

(i've secretly loved top design so much because of the first winner matt lorenz, who is in total denial of himself. he was so pretty and anal.)

kelly wearstler is so effing bomb. she enthralls me.

Stefanie said...


Anonymous said...

AHHHH i dont have a TV but I got off my lazy ass and went to my dads house just to watch an episode to see Kelly Wearstler's outfits-AMAZING i cant wait to watch more!!

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