i've started the search


laia. said...

you're moving? oh noes!

Brooklyn is great! Screw the D. F train is where it's at! (mostly)

brendan donnelly said...

i just got a place in bushwick. bdonns back on the jet blue flight plan to manhattan

Anonymous said...

Trains are a confusing method of public transport. If you do move, good luck in finding a new place! If not, good luck anyway.

edgecakez said...

yay bo yayyyyy! new digs, positive vibes, praise jah.

Leti said...

Greenpoint plz! G train to the E or V and you are right in the workzonez with no need for L. (although that might take some fun out of reading the misconnections).
Come on woman we will learn to love polish food.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Pshaw, I live in Brooklyn and I don't understand the D train, any further than where I need to catch it to get to W 4th Street. No sweat. No D necessary, unless you plan on living in Bensonhurst?

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

you are NOT, i repeat NOT moving off the D yo..
the L or the G or the JMZ...it's a rhyme, see.

i'm at the lorimer stop. you'll want to be no further than the montrose stop..so grand and graham are a ok..

and from one manhattan expat to a soon to be..you won't regret it, i swear!!!
yay, be my neighbor, we can play dress up and babes in blogtown all the time!!!

White Lightning said...

no D!

so far i am checking out s willaimsburg and prospect hieghts. STAY TUNED!

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