jeremy jordan, all right !*

listen, i like you and so i don't want to lie to you

i will be watching tonight. kinda excited?

ps i remember watching the ORIGINAL premiere
pps it came out when i was in 7th grade. i'm a thousand years old.

*if you don't get this reference you are probs too young to have seen this show the first time around...


laia. said...

i watched it.
i am hooked.

Unknown said...

too many goddamn commericals. D: but i admit i will watch again.. >>




July Stars said...

any good? have to watch it ... but it's not showing in the UK yet ...

hard liquor; soft holes said...


me and my little sister used to say "jeremy jordan, ALL RIGHT" to each other ALL DAY LONG. i wish i had the peachpit jukebox.

T-Bonz said...

I don't know where to start:

1 - I hope you all caught "Good Monring, and Buenos Dia - I'm HANNAH ZUCKERMAN-VAZQUEZ" OTHERWISE KNOWN AS ANDREA AND JESSE'S BABY. Amazing.
2 - I refuse to believe that there were not bette-looking, more charming, and more compelling young black guys to play Dixon. Re-Fuse.
3 - Who surfs at a Sweet 16????? Who????
4 - Those "pills" in that book?? Otherwise known as Mike & Ike's and aspririn? WTF???

I could go on, and on, and on -- the other reason I am hooked (at least until next week) is because i am AMPED to see the return of a drunken Jackie "Can you get that goddamn light out of eyes???" Taylor. Yes. It's true, Jackie has fallen off the wagon and it appears that she has NO plans to return to Timber Hills....

Punky said...

I love silver...who is your favorite?

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