louder than lightning in this room of mine

i'm sorry, but i can't stop listening to this song.
maybe because even now, at the end of my twenties, september feels like a BEGINNING of things to me (leftover schooldaze anticipation).
i like blasting my eardrums while i walk to the train listening to organs and "it's gonna be a good year"

the walkmen / in the new year

there's no vid, just listen to it.
how do you not want to rock out to this?

ps, i didnt want to post this for fear of looking like a self-promotional loser but it's TRUE, i am OBSESSED WITH THIS SINGLE. and i tell you all about everything that i am obsessed with.


laia. said...

"see my age 19 with some dumb haircut from 1960 moving to new york city live with my friends there we're all taking the same steps they're foolish now"

im still obsessed with this from forever ago and everytime i listen to it i'm like OMG THAT IS ME even though i am not 19 or am living with my friends or whatever.

nostalgia forever.

Jess said...

Um, that song is a.ma.zing. Thank you for putting it on my radar!d

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