marrrrrrrrrrrc jacobz

i loved it i loved it i LOVED IT!!
so many layers and colors and shinyshiny and the JEWELRY and those fucking HATS were SO CUTE and i have NO IDEA HOW YOU ACTUALLY WEAR THEM but i WANT TO.

the colors are so much more vibrant in person. those applique leaf things were shiny bright.
i don't know what these weird shoulders are but i dig it. i want that sparkle sweatshirt!

i hope you don't mind keeping your knees covered because that is apparently THE length.
there was a a lot of plaid mixed in as well, totes marc-for-perry-ellis-infamous oops you're fired-grunge collection reference...that plus the hats was like nellie olsen on crack

i can't even get started on the accessories! (beyond the hats)

i want one of these tiny bags desssssperately. go look at the show on style.com, there is SO MUCH going on in every outfit, it's beyond. belts and giant safety pins and necklaces. and turbans. its all so enjoyable.


BARF CITY. when will this "how fucking retarded can we get" shoe trend END? i'm over it.

and marc?

a skort and mandals.
perfect for a september evening.


sleepyhead said...

i agree. the shoes are especially heinous....i hate the espadrilletto.

Enfievre said...

ugh on the shoes, but everything else, yay! im so happy you got to go!

laia. said...

haha i love that ugly espadrilletto!

Dana (MODAna) said...

HAHA the shoes are horrible!

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