maybe it's my own fault?

maybe i put too much pressure on PARIS to blow my mind.
but by the time it comes around i am soo impatient for balence, LV, and miu miu. usually i am giddy with the bonkersness.

this is cool in many ways:

balenciaga s/s 09

i would love to wear these dresses, i mean, DUH i would die. but..i don't know.
i don't feel the OHMAGODWHAAAAAAAATness that i usually do.
(these martian boots are giving me a very strong UMM, NOPES vibe, but i need a detail shot to be sure.)

i am putting it all on Marc. Louis Vuitton is going to do it, save this season for me (his show in new york is still the best so far.) i can't count on miuccia, that prada show was a snooze.

fings crossed.

EDIT / PS DUH where is my BRAAIN?? CDG WILL NOT LET ME DOWN ! right? cmon cmon cmonnnnn....


Tavi said...

Moo. I agree. I like it but it doesn't reach my FULL expectations, WHICH IT SHOULD because I am a very PRESTIGIOUS girl who is VERY VERY opinionated.

Vivienne Westwood was good, as expected. So was Yohji. Margiela was AMAZING. I'm still waiting for CDG. Where is that bitch?

Tricia said...

hmm, not paying attention to paris, i suck. this is a little snoozy and spring zombie.

Tavi said...

P.S. I miss muxtape D:

Rhiannon said...

Yeah, why is Paris turning out to be the most boring of all of them? Ugh, I'm waiting for Marc too.

laia. said...

paris is killing me this season. KILLING ME.

Meaghan said...

that pink dress has a marshmallow peep on the front of it.

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