milan is still happening? it seems nine years long

ohhhh yes, i see. mmhmmm. i like what's happening HERE.

fendi s/s 09

ohhhh, herr lagerfeld, DANKE.
thank you for a semi-transparent cut-out poncho. just what i've always wanted ( i think i am actually serious)

i am really never into clear plastic on a shoe (what is barfier than like, FOOT CONDENSATION? eeeew!) but..the shoe on the left is calling my name (ignoring the gnarly toe action)

i take issue with the bags though:

behold, a purse that can only be designed by someone who has never come close to public transportation (vat do you mean, ze trains are undergrount?) or ever has to walk around the actual HOI POLLOI.
just a perfect hanging open PLEASE STEAL MY IPHONE AND 40 DOLLARS IN CASH, PLEASE little number for day.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

HAHAHAHAHA. the keiser only gets around via segway dragged by young men dressed in roman attire.

laia. said...

I didn't get the bags at all! I was actually puzzled that they would send girls down the runway with sloppy bags.

S. said...

Omg If only I could have my things stolen and slip-and-slide around in my sweaty shoes all day! I'd be the happiest little girl alive.

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