i will miss you forevs and evz, joey ramone (mike damone). i plan to stalk you avidly in the streets of my neighborhood.

your parting episode's dis on the "stylist in the oversized muumuu" was so highly enjoyed by me. i will miss your nasal twang, your tiny leatherdaddy cap, your small hits of neon pink, and new ways to insert the word "leathah" into every conversation.

this season has so seriously dimmed.
we're left with a crackhead, a thirdperson loving annoyance, a crybaby, a bitch in nerd's clothing. and a bunch of forgettables (but i like korto! she could smile once in a while tho). snoozefest.
(but of course i'll be watching)


Hazel said...

i know how you feel. where are the christian's? the jay's? the santinos? i feel lost...

the producers...OH NO. they must not think...Blaine is entertaining?


i'll miss Stella too. and her hammering.

miss fashion said...

i agree with you 100% it will not be the same without dear stella.

sophie said...

This has been a sucky season.

I didn't like Stella at first, but now it's just...nothing.

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

woah. speaking of leathah, how old is rachel zoe looking? sheezusss!

I hope she opens her store now somehow. I'm sure somebody out there is willing to invest in Zotis and Bones. But you know, "Whateva."

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