obsessions of youth

things may get a bit quiet around here..all of a sudden i have all these THINGS happening!
starting tomorrow night i will be teaching a class once a week at one of the fine art schools here in the city and i am super excited. (if any of the students read this blog i may die of embarrassment).

while i was scanning some imagery to INSPIRE the YOUTH OF AMERICA (yay!) i came across an ad for john fluevog biscuit mary-janes in the back of an issue of BIKINI (april/may 1994!).

these were the thing i craved most in my young 15 year old life.
they were EVERYTHING to me.
i had this ad on my wall and i was dyinggg for them. (my memory is failing me, and i cant remember ever getting them. my sister will remember- did i teenz?)

sidenote: when i was 15, prince street had exactly 2 destinations that i cared about. the stussy store and next to it, the fluevog store. both were place i spent my birthday cash [maroon suede converse one stars with fat laces at stussy, mary-janesssss at fluevog). everything else was kinda sketch and nothing. today it is basically a MALL and in place of stussy and fluevog, we have intermix and miu miu (if memory serves)].

and with that we conclude the WHITE LIGHTNING TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE segment for today. back to preparations!

EDIT: this is all still true but these ARE NaNa's, not fluevogs. which i kinda always thought were the same. but they ain't. i'm losing my mind. hearts, WL


laia. said...

DUDES, you are teaching? that is SO awesome.

KATLIN said...

Damn I wanna take a class from you.

Leti said...

I wanted those shoes sooo bad also but my recollection is that they were the na na brand, not fluevog. We had a na na store in san francisco and I used to get their weird catalog and lust after those shoes. Then there was the ones that looked like docs with the yellow stitching that were not as cool and got knocked off by payless and everyone else.

Enfievre said...

um, i totally feel you on the fluevog store. it was one of my only stops during nyc trips during my grunge phase. oh, the memories!

T-Bonz said...

Dude. We BOTH had them. I was 13, if you had it, I wanted it. Isn't that how the whole sister/sister thing works??

Fuck. Are they somewhere in box in Queens? Is it time again to go warehouse diving?

Wait, I swear that Fluevog only had a store in BOSTON, inexplicably, and we went all the way there to a get those Blue Suede Shoes that I HAD to have, do you remember this?
We hauled ass into the city to go to NaNa and THE ANTIQUE BOUTIQUE. Before they went fancy. When you could buy clothes in the basement by the pound, and 8th St was a magical, mystical place. Where little chubby girls like me dreamed about being Lady Miss Kier and having a Pat Fields tranny as a best friend. sigh.

nina nicole said...

well stated WL-

stussy and fluevog on prince. liquid sky on lafayette and spring, betsey johnson on thompson. anna sui is the only flagship that remains! long live soho shopping in the ninetiesss

admittedly there was some cartoon apparel shop that i also used to frequent?? Too Cute or something?? weak.

il bisonte on thompson was another fav- why?

xlarge on ave a. and then xgirl and xlarge on lafayette. R.I.P.

ahhh, good times. margaritas at stingy lulus on st marks anyone?

White Lightning said...


xlarge and xgirl were also the big destinations. i still have tshirts i bought from them then. remember BEN DAVIS? the monkey shirt? i had those too.

LIQUID SKY!!! i lvoed going there. fucking CHLOE SEVIGNY worked there, and after kids you could still go and see her there.

also yes, anna sui remains.

YES yES YESSSSS. you just made my day.

White Lightning said...

laia! i AM, it's kinda crazy. i'm really looking forward to it, i hope i don't suck.

katlin thank you. i hope these kids feel the same way!!!!!

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