another reason to love barney's (like you don't alreadz)

creative director simon doonan on freaktown sarah palin:
"Oh, she is so LensCrafters I just don’t even know where to begin."
heeee! amazeballs.

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hard liquor; soft holes said...

such a genius. he and j.adler are the MOST ADORBS.

Stefanie said...

omg love it
and now that i think about it she SO looks like a skinnier version of my old boss at Lenscrafters. And they are both MONSTER BITCHES too!

laia. said...


Omg doonan is the best. im glad i havent seen him around yet because i am certain there would be about 5 second of me freaking out like a psycho before i realized i needed to reel it back in.

and Palin straight up gives me the creeps. I meen jeezy chrissy.

Enfievre said...

i had the pleasure of going shopping with him recently. he wore: plaid newsboy, ant button down shirt, tapered jeans, nike air stabs and a goyard messenger with "SD" emblazoned like it was nobody's biz. oh AND he totally picked up a rug and wore it around as a cape.

Tricia said...

so lenscrafters, perfect, it says so much!
^^ rug as cape??!! so modern-day scarlett o'hara!

sophie said...

I love Simon SO MUCH.

carolina bleu said...


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

he's amazing.
that quote is amazing.

and i totally walked by him on madison ave like a month ago and he checked out my neon..i was wishing to share this with someone..and now i have.

and yea, ms. crazy bitch is helluv lens crafters..my mom wrapped up a sincere political policy convo last week by saying..and really you know what is the worst (gun toting, ex sportscaster, too many ids, no abortion even in cases of rape).."louise, i mean, i HATE her hair, it really creeps me out".
nice one mom.

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