print ain't dead

luke hayman just redesigned vibe magazine.

he's using leitura display as a new font for headlines and pullquotes.

ummmmm how epic is that TH ligature??! (nerd alert)

dudes, i love luke hayman.
like so much.
soooo genius, PLUS a british accent- a. ma. zing.
just one of my genius designer crushes (luke...fabien baron..mike mills..geoff mcfetridge..um...to name a few)

ps full disclosure i have never ever read vibe magazine. oopsy doops.


Hazel said...

have you ever heard of Mike Perry?
favorite graphic designer/illustrator EVER.

(trust me, you aren't the only one who gets extremely nerdy when you see a font you like)

laia. said...


i have never read vibe either, but I'll at least make a point to check it out.

Aishah said...

im a nerd when it comes to type too.

Breanne said...

omg gossip girl AND typefaces? you are rad and this is my new favez bloooog. XOXO


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