retro friday

i found picture of me and edge in my jumble of hard drive files and i got all giggly and nostalgic.

is this summer 05 or 06? i can't even remember.
not so long ago but it feel likes a million years.
too bad i can't tell you the stories of what shenanigans we used to get into nightly because this blog is not ANONYMOUS. good grief. where did i get the energy???


brendan donnelly said...

i still don't remember her. was i really that drunk and high all those years?

edgecakes said...

oh boooooooo! it was '05 i do believe. summer of loveeeeeeeeee! and to-go 'ritas (r.i.p.). dios mio, meng.

Vanna said...

Stumbled upon your blog blog-surfing.

It's seriously the binness. I'm laughing, and stuff.

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