september to remember

ugh, labor day.
i am not entirely sure why but it is ALWAYS a ball sammich of a holiday for me.

THREE years ago there was an epic breakup/move out with my boyfriend of 9 million years.

TWO years ago it was an entire weekend spent umm indoors with a person who is a black mark on my judgement card.

ONE year ago was another (minor) break-up PLUS the return of the aforementioned black mark a-hole PLUS a party that dave and i convinced ivan, angela, and the rest of the NAM house crew to have...i cannot divulge what happened but those who had the (dis)pleasure of driving me home that night (ahem, bdonns, dave, molly) know exactly how "oopsydoops'd" that night ended. DIOS MIO, MENG.

well at least yesterday beat the labor day curse...
my insanely and epicly talented bfffffffff and f Mr D. Black invited me to chillibrate on set of the new virgins vid he was DP-ing out in brookleeeen. it's for the song "one week of danger" and it looks pretty fucking cool. i first met these dudes last summer when i did a little story on them for the times and they are NICE YOUNG LADS. yes it's true.

hey now! i was a lazy moral supporter for a bit until dave was like ES, can you do the slate? which i did. which was fun. until a model girl showed up and the director was like 'oh um hey, why don't you REST UP and let her take over?' SNAPS! haaaha.

this is crystal aka MIZ DIRECTOR.

aw, he's shy.

donald made storyboards for the video. look at the faces! hee. i love it.

the set! oooh shiny! mirrors and mirrors and lights and mirrors.

...this song will be in my head for weeks

lots of wades.

aw hey there's us. and us. and us. and us.


oh uh, is there a music video happening? sorry. we're busy gossiping and talking about shopping.

i love when dave is working.
he's so serious! it cracks me up.

rolled up jeans are WHERE IT'S AT, yo. 4 out of 4 virgins agree. (erik not pictured. but i assure you, rolled up)

rock out.


sleepyhead said...

ha my first reaction was OMG pegged jeans. also, the drawing of them playing their instruments was pretty darned cute. sounds like you had a blast!

Valentina said...

OMGZ, that is so awesome. I love The Virgins, you're so lucky!

City Chic Please said...

you're so lucky to have been on set for the virgins video. i love the old version of "one week in danger," not their new, edited one.

otherwise, still. they're pretty good.

and my dear sympathies for bad labor days in the past...

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

glad i was there, if only for a moment or i woulda been like totes bummed...
see you on the flip side love..serious babes of blogtown meeting time upon reeturn..or at the very least hot sauce and saucy night out on the town.
gossip galpal [in boots]

July Stars said...

Cool but PS ... what the f is labour day?

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