so far i'm kinda bored

the first looks i 've been compelled to pull onto my desktop:

jonathan saunders

at least there's some COLOR. at least there's some..fantasy? maybe just for me, because this definitely a woman i can never be and so therein lies some pull.

i LOVE the color. i love shiny and poufy and wrong-is-right and double-breasted and buttons, why not.

i do not love severe slicked buns and weird pink eye makeup (or really ANY eye makeup, beyond liquid eyeliner, for that matter).

PS. stopped by the target pop up bodega on bowery and 2nd on my walk home yesterday, i thought'd be open and i was ready for some SAUNDERS. alas that shizz ain't ready yet (SEPT 12) and as i peered in, i noticed someone next to me.


YES. seriously.
insanely handsome and dressed exactly like he does in every photo you see of him.

as a swarm of queens descended upon him ("um, i just need to tell you, your clothes look sooooo fierce in the window of barney's!") i had to step away to text steve because who else do you share this with?


July Stars said...

Thought the Preen show was gorgeous ... so many beautiful details.
And Andre 3000? LOVE HIM

Anonymous said...

I love love love Andre 3000. Sick with jealousy right now!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

umm, you should share with me tooooo!
amazing. i love him and all his glorious everythings.

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