too bad, so sad

my dearest mark,

ohmigod, i am like, soooo sorry about your breakup.
really, this is so sad. no, seriously, daisy seemed like, so cute and sweet. we all really liked her.
do you want to come over? talk about it? i am like, a REALLY good listener. i just want to BE THERE FOR YOU, ya know?

and if that includes having to make out and/or get naked, i totally understand.
that's how much you mean to me.


ps thanks to all you ladies who sent me this link, you know me too well! haaa


fashion herald said...

your generosity in his time of need, wow, what sacrifice!

talula zuhra said...

youre epic

white lightning said...

I AM SELFLESS!! haaahahaha

oh talula, THANK YOU. so are you!

Some Notes on Napkins said...

haha totally like AWWW then YES!

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