ok so, i know that erin wasson is loved, SERIOUSLY LOVED by all you style blogger girls out there, certainly the by a lot of you who read this site. ( i have no comment )

but like...this?

"The people with the best style for me are the people that are the poorest. Like, when I go down to Venice beach and I see the homeless, like, I'm like, 'Oh my God, they're pulling out, like, crazy looks and they, like, pulled shit out of like garbage cans.'"

come. ON.
i want to think this is some derelicte 'tongue -in-CHIC' zoolander hijinkz but..unfortch, i think she is being sincere.

this insane news was brought to my attention by the cut


laia. said...


Unknown said...

ahahahahahaha. erin wasson is so boring. i dunno why everybody is fascinated w her.

Tavi said...

Another reason for me to STRONGLY dislike her.
Erin, you're on my list. The bad one.

Tavi said...

p.s. read this:

and this:

thesmallviking said...

i was in vancouver, and for real: the homeless looked like hipsters. or vice versa.

yulanda said...

Nothing against the girl, but I've never understood the appeal of Erin Wasson's style.

The Glossy Editor said...

that's redic. seriously.

Enfievre said...

i actually kinda like her but this made her lose major points in my book. your zoolander reference is all too appropriate.

Anonymous said...

that gives me RAGE. how narrow are her horizons?!

emily said...

i really don't like erin wasson, i never did. it seems like everyone loves her. this quote just annoyz me.

Rhiannon said...

Oh wow, do you remember when she first came out, and she had that crazy half-shaved hairstyle? For some reason I thought she was the coolest. Then she got big makeup company contracts and went normal, and now she's just Alexander Wang-L.A. hipster boring.

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