we'll see

someone got a haircut

in fact, i got 'em all cut. (hey now! dad jokes!)

not sure about this bangs across the forehead jazz..
the reviews seem to be good but who's gonna tell you to your face that they hate it?
ok well, my mom would.
and she told me (with her glasses on her nose, peering over to REALLY LOOK..her standard face for either a lecture or for her to see close up) that she really liked it.

as for me, i'm still unsure.

pee ess, isn't it weird when your haircut makes you want to dress differently?


Hazel said...


when i wear my hair curly i tend to dress more girly, and when i wear my hair straight i tend to want to dress edgier.

or maybe i just have split personalities?

City Chic Please said...

love the 'do, personally. thinking of getting mine cut differently too.

and i have to agree with you below...i nearly cried when they kicked stella out. and keeping joe? what a mistake! i'm only rooting for leanne and korto now.

loveology said...

Someone looks GOOOOD!

Anonymous said...

looks kinda rockabilly like that, i like it!

Lavender said...

Love your bangs. You look very fierce.
I've tagged you with a award over on my page because I think your blog is fab.

laia. said...


xo, tara said...

i lurved the swoop...but the new bangs look awesome too! ALWAYS fab!

Enfievre said...

i like. mucho.

White Lightning said...

hey hey hey thanks! i'm still getting used to it. i want it to work for me, i'm just so..not into my face. so this is a big change. ha.

tara- the swoop will probs be back before i know it

Tavi said...

hahaha. crappy "fashion" show reference.
but seriously, it looks great!!! especially on you. kudos.
my dad makes that joke all the time...when will they learn?

Leti said...

I got a free haircut via some PR girl since I am now a fancy editor or whatevs and it turned out to be an old lady salon on the upper east side and a like 60 year old lady in tight pedal pushers with crazy botox face and lipliner way outside the lines cut my hairs. Spoiler Alert: I look like a norm. I lost hella inches but at least its more presentable.

carolina bleu said...

great bangs!

ula zuhra, 16 said...


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