we're best friends, we hold hands

dudes, i'm exhaustedddddd.
this week is going to be a big one, and already i have a million posts on deck (thriftz, hillz, CHUCK BASS, etc etc etc).

here is a little tease of how i spent my day, i took one quick picture on my phone (uh don't worry, there are four jillion more on my camera):

the new virgins video !
please note the plaid-shirted director of photography mr david a. black, esquire.
i earned my keep as the slate girl, take 2, take 3, take 10, clack clack clack. (that is, until i got booted for a model that showed up. weird, right? ha)

so much more tomorrow you guys.


laia. said...

man, your friends IZ talented!

Tricia said...

really weird, so the model was multi-tasking?!

sleepyhead said...

thanks for the wishes! i think i got the job, but i don't want to keep my hopes up.

also, how many awesome musicians do you know? seriously girl.

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