whatever happened to baby j

i know i have to do a gossip girl post PROPER but can we discuss this?

little j looks like the night of the living dead plus kim cattral in the SATC episode where she gets a chemical peel and burns her face off plus a little bit kimberly stewart and a whole lot of NOOOOOO, WHAT?

dios mio.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

i love that taylor mormisen or whatever has a goldie hawn in "bird on a wire" meets chrissie hynde.

and way to bring your clutch on stage with you to an awards ceremony.

laia. said...

she is trying SOOO hard. and yeh when i saw her come on stage with her clutch i was like, seriously bitch?

lemme tell you, i cannot stand her. everytime shes on the screen i want to throw the remote at it. i bet you she has no friends in the cast because she is stuck up and thinks she is better than everyone else.

hahaha. when did i become so opinionated about this chick?

in any case, FAIL.

T-Bonz said...

what the fuck?? So now she needs to eat a snack AND get off the smack???

Maristella said...

She kind of reminds me of Scarlett Johanson when she was on the cover of ELLE like a year or two ago, in a violet dress (I think)... Minus 75lbs of course...



emily said...

she looks like she's on drugs.


oh, also, perfect analogy of her new self. snapzzz.

April said...

WTF?! that's her?! on the right? that strange-looking barbie-like doll with black holes for eyes and no lips? I'm with you, what the hell happened?!

Tricia said...

i'm going against the grain here to say i couldn't stand her proper boring hair before. Although she is annoying as hell on Gossip Girl, I think the hair is a big improvement.

Jessi Huey said...

ugh she tries too hard.. wow.. she looks aweful poor little j

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