why is jerrel growing on me?

i like, can't even talk about proj anymore.
they are all so IRRITATING.

let me say this much (and it was the highlight of the ep FOR ME):

because i LIVE for tim gunn to say the word DOSSIER.

i laugh like a crazy person.
and then i rewind and laugh again. and again.
it's the best thing ever. BONUS, this ep he said "caucus" which has also been added to the list (my personal list of words to have tim gunn say over and over again. a sample: pamplemousse, duesenberg, caramel, andre)

but i digress.

so...to sum up:


KENLEY you are on my last NERVE> if i hear that nasal whiney mcinlovewithherself get so PSYCHED on her own KOOLAID one more time, i am going to throw my teevee out the window.

and also for some reason my iphone snapped the picture like this:

which seems apropos and, really, an improvement.


City Chic Please said...

i must say that is a huge improvement. kenley should seriously go die. she's so high on herself, and her designs aren't even that good.

and here's to blayne leaving...

Hazel said...

ugh. that horrendous thing she made...with the plaid and the florals and the ugliness...

i liked jerrel's dress too, which is a serious shocker since i think he sort of has the style of a homeless person...

you iphone took a beautiful picture. ha.

Anonymous said...

ugh...kenley. what was that? I thought leanne should have won, but jerral's look was okay too. Great photo, haha.

Carsi said...

ugh Kenley made it to Bryant Park. I really hope she's the decoy

Gabriela said...

Getting so sick of her laugh and everything, thank you for finally saying it xox.

Tavi said...

Kenley is the equivalent of dirt. Dirt I step on, and dirt that thinks fug beach ball shoulders are "avant garde." What sign is she anyways? I don't care, I hope her horoscope goes a leetle something like thees:
"You seem to have been deceiving people lately with you appearances. LIKE MAYBE POLKA DOTS AND FEATHER HEADBANDS? But on-what month is it? September, right-September 25th, the dossier moon will turn against you and something you seem to think is going really great for you will suck all of a sudden. Stay away from television until then, because if you are currently on television saturn hates you and will make you cry. SO GO AWAY NOW FOR YOUR OWN GOOD."

sophie said...

UGH. I used to like Kenley, now I'm just like ARGHHASHHAHDSFHKKKKA

But dossier is the best word for Tim to say.


good riddance!


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