$1,700, shmeventeen hundred

this is what is on my mind.

a givenchy nightingale.
it's not a new bag or anything, i just keep seeing it. and i think about it. a lot.
i see us together. and we are SO HAPPY.
it's not too big, or too small, it seems kinda vintage-y, it will just get better as it gets beat up.

a pushy salesqueen at intermix (stop, i don't know how i got in there, i saw a bunch of them through the window, i had to go in) tried to make me do it today.
he was like "gurl, you probly work yo ASS OFF, and you DESERVE IT! you look like you deserve it. i'm gonna put it at the counter for you!". i had to run away. i was scared. i went to miu miu where i feel warm (happy place).

i will be 30 in a week. if anyone wants to soften the blow (short of a time machine or a cyanide capsule) i would take one of these. preferably in brown leather although i wouldn't say no to exotic skins or a lovely burgundy. mmmkeee, theeeenks, lurve you guyz.


EMILIE said...

hahaha. all your posts make me laugh.

InstantVintage said...

I'm horrible at telling people not to buy things, so I'll just keep my mouth shut.

edgecakes said...

don't worry bo, since i poop diamonds i will buy you one next time i take a crap. lylassss! ttfn.

Femasculist said...

i love this bag. like, child love. like, the love I would have for a child. love it.

T-Bonz said...

so this is the wrong time to tell you that Intermix sent you a gift card to my address for $50 off any purchase over $300.... Every penny counts? Even at $1700....

woodley park-zoo said...

I am not around sales people that often (thrift, ebay, hello). This weekend I was suckered into a $10 sequin dress by the flattery of church ladies running the 'boutique' section of a rummage sale, so I don't know what I'd do with that Intermix pitch... he sounds damn good. I'd be scared too!! It is an amazingly lovely, love-for-life bag... maybe 30 is a worthy time to make it part of your legacy!

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