cry for me, angentina

so tired.
stress is exhausting me.
every single aspect of my entire so-called life is filling me with anxiety and i'm maybe kinda sorta losing it.
can SOMETHING be settled and normal and FINE?
mmkeeeee THEENKS, life. AWESOME.

and all i want to do is post a fucking mp3 on this blog and i can't make it fucking work (whining, obvs).



Hazel said...


how'd you like them apples?

Leah said...

lol im feeling the same way right now. losing, it. so instead im just laughing at how ridiculous it all is, sooo keeo your head up and do a projrun post; i cant wait to read what you have to say ab it lately!

Meaghan said...

HTML help :D totally helpful when posting tunes. Please disregard the colour scheme. your eyes will readjust.

Tavi said...

Feel better about whatevz is bugging you. If it makes you feel any better I'm Jewish and have to fast until tomorrow night (sundown, to be precise).
I cry for you. <3

July Stars said...

Yoga, a massage, friends and old episodes of Curb your enthusiasm. NOW. It's an order!

laia. said...

dude its in the air man!
i blame palin.

Biscuit said...

hi! sorry you're blue. wanted to let you know that i saw a ton of your beloved chloe shoes (shoebootwedge things) at century 21 last night. in every color except beige. maybe that will make you feel better!

Anonymous said...

i think everyone feels the same way recently. is it just me or is life getting harder?

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