epic things come in small packages

hey guys, so um..i have a new man in my life?
he's kind of different, but what can i say, i love a ginger.

it's so great, we just..hang out, ya know? i feel so comfortable around him.

i call him conan.

allow us to reenact the final scene from tonight's finale of the rachel shutitdownidiebradidie zoe train wreck:

"omigod baby, you got me dylan mckay's 1956 porsche speedster! i thought you'd run out of things to buy me! It looks sooo good with your boner. thanks babe." (this dialogue is almost verbatim.)

***conan the amazing boner doll was epicly handmade and so generously sent to me by kiley of burning up famez. thank you thank you thank youuu, you totally made my day. i didn't laugh at ALL today until i opened my mail.


edgecakez said...

shweet firecrotch! i like that he matches your outfit. that is soooo thoughtful of him!

Miss Urbanita said...

A funny friend.

laia. said...


omg do we share a love for conan? he is definitely my favorite ginger of all time

Tricia said...

conan the boner doll! think it's time for his debut film.

Jaclyn Johnson said...

ohhhhhhhh my hilarious!


*i die*

sleepyhead said...


heehee. conan is adorbable.

WendyB said...


Isabel said...


allison said...

OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. this made me D.I.E.


geri hirsch said...

hahahah. if applauding translated in blog commenting i would be clapping my hands.

speaking of dylan mckays porsche - does rach ever wear her hair up? i feel like she is super into the down and big curls look and i cant help but wonder how that will mesh with her new car.

"how will rachel deal with her hair, the wind and her convertible on the next episode of the rachel zoe project. don, don, don. also, check out bravotv.com for more of the boner seen on this episode."

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