exhaustion is the new awesome

nyquil, you're the devil.

good thing i can wear a leotard for a psychedelic gymnast to try and wake me up.

this crazy thing is bathing suit material and is for some sort of insane child to do hypnotic cartwheels in. i cut the bottom off to make it a shirt.
(obvs steve plucked it from the racks when we went long island thrifting a couple months ago)

bags under your eyes are SO HOT RIGHT NOW (big accessory for fall)
wearing things this fitted can be somewhat porno for me as i have not been blessed with a 'fashion chest'. (thanks, genetics). but sometimes i just don't care.



InnyVinny said...

You're probably the only person I've seen that can pull this print off. Awsm.

I love your hair.

Anonymous said...

then I too am pretty awesome! Love the title!

phishcake5 said...

Nice apple spice.

laia. said...

duude ROCKIN IT!
I'm glad you are back, for a while I was worried you caught some of that anthrax...

Tavi said...

that top is amazing and far better than any gymnastics leotard i have ever owned. the colors! the pattern! the material! only you, elizabeth, only you could rock that.

Unknown said...

i was a gymnast and all i got was a crappy t-shirt. (i am not lying about this, the leotards had to be given back and i got this oversized white shirt. fail.)

fosho, you look dope.

J.Yo said...

i definitely will never pull out that prints EVER. but you did it so chic-ly.


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