hand it over

i think i wrote about these at some point, but there was no pic on the website. it's marc jacobs' version of a penny loafer and i MUST have them.

comeee onnnnnnnnn! these were made for me! why are they $600? why can't i be rich? these have got to be around when the sale comes, no one else really wants them, right?

i was contemplating these last week:

but i'm NOT BUYING ANYTHING. freals. i swuuur. ok, i mean, ONE BIRTHDAY GIFT (what should it be??), but other than that...nothing.
but they look so cute on icelandic gals:

ohhhh...what's a girl to do.

(facehunter, duh)


laia. said...

dude. those marc shoes will be yours. and after that 70% off sale starts they will be practically free and you will get them and be 20billion more kinds of awesome.

i also love the second ones.

P. said...

I looove those second ones. Girl on facehunter kills them.

WPZ - Sandy said...

Pray tell, what sale what sale because I am in lurve with the tops as well, my goodness!

On the second, I'm not sure I feel those laces...

Dana (MODAna) said...

the anthropologie ones are amazing!
but no, you mustn't.

Gnarlitude Jen said...

oh man have you seen the mj's in red??

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