house of amazing

i am gonna maybe go out on a limb here and profess love for the givenchy show..i can't believe so many people be hatin'!
(ok, fine, there was def some nasty ass black leather puddle crotch jeans but it can't ALL be epic..)

but like, THIS?

is killin me. light denim is so gross that it's awesome. i bought a shirt like this when steve and i went thrifting a little while ago and i have waiting for coldness to wear it with a leather skirt. AND SEE? it looks so FUCKING COOL.


YESSSSS. that shirt?! YES.

gimme that thing!

ps, how come no one talks about how riccardo tisci's collections always have girls dressed like herr lagerfeld?

pps i don't care, balmain is..tacky. trashy? the shoulders are cool on those jackets and i liked the shoes but this shit is same levz as cavalli and some ver-sayse as far as i'm concerned.
sorry brahs!


laia. said...

i was totally not into this collection at all. it left me high and dry.

am with you on Balmain though, total poo except for like, 2 jackets that i liked. i think he just got lucky cause kate wore that dress on the cover of Purple and the hype lasted long enough until his fashion show came around.

Unknown said...

i adore that denim shirt! definitely NOT tacky at all!!!!

Michelle said...

I got to admit I find some of the denim kind of eww, but I'm all for the leather! Even those leather denim trousers..

K. Inez said...

I probably wouldn't have even noticed it if I hadn't read your post first, but Zooey Deschanel is on the cover of Nylon right now in a groovy light denim shirt. :)

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