i can feel it in my eyes

i die.
i die.
brad, i die.
shut it down.
jb, shut it down.
shut it down, i die.
i've bought 3 leopard coats and a leopard cape.
i die.


*this free form poetry brought to you by my embarrassing addiction to zoe speak and is sponsored by my college diploma
and jillions of desiccated brain cells.

** i would like to note that i had a 'BANANAS' tag eons before this lunatic started spouting it all over the place.

***i die.


sleepyhead said...

that you did (the bananas tag).

i'm starting to really love her. i feel bad that she gets so much shit all the time.

WendyB said...


Hazel said...


i love this so much.
you forgot "i've come undone" ahaha

The Spelunkers said...

you should put rainbow feathers on your leopard cape.

--The Lone Wolf + The Lightning

elysia mann said...

haha this is grrrreat. i really like her...but i'm not sure why. her show is super addicting! doesn't it seem like all the sudden after like 2 episodes there's a finale? what the hell?! hahah!!

missy! said...

i find myself saying * i die * or those shoes make me die. all the time now. gross gross gross

Sally Jane Vintage said...

Sadly, I'm also a bit addicted to this train wreck of a show and I've begun to unwillingly use her catch phrases. It's like she emits some sort of hypnotic powers or something. Bananas!

Leti said...

You can bury me in this dress because. I. die.

Leah said...

i literally lol'ed at this post. awesome. I. DIE.

laia. said...

i feel like the uncoolest kid ever right now as i dont get bravo anymore and have been missing out on her show.


please no one dump a bucket of pig's blood on my head.

Carson said...

You are hi-larious! I can't stop saying "I Die, D-I-E". It's becoming a little embarassing.


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

she's insanely amazingly horrifyingly on point. i've just found my (close to dream) leopard coat and i'm trying to figure out how to get my friends to chip in and help me buy it. i might just die if i don't get it..

leopard+LAla lady=yes'm

Alice said...

This is hilarious.
and SPOT ON.

love it.

Anonymous said...

what would have happened to season finale if brads thoughtless boss sabotage take the prop kit leave cameron with out nipple covers and sticky dirty insoles from another shoe hadn't happened . there wouldnt have been the whole second half of the show. do you think someones face can turn that red if they are acting and not really crying with embarrassment and sheer terror that tay tay might actually kill him and r zoe eat him then throw him up

Eyeliah said...

hehe, I've been reading thru your archieves and you JUST ade me realize where I got "I die" from. Been saying it con-stant-ly!!

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