i forgot a title

i was telling someone last night that my biggest fear is that i become like rachel zoe- in the way that my fashion-valleygirl-jokeyness becomes the way i ACTUALLY speak and i end up being a certified ADULT saying things like oh-em-geezlers and locosauce. (please ignore the fact that i am 29 years old and should probz already consider myself an adult. shush! no one asked you!)

because the LOUIS VUITTON show is UP (vogue italia fucking RULES, they post shows so fast) and all i keep saying to my LAPTOP is OH MY GOD i DIE.
i D I EEEE. (ohhh i hate myself.)

because i mean, i MEAN, I MEAAANNNN:

I DIE. SERIOUSLY. THAT SHIRT WITH THOSE SHOULDERS AND A MINI METALLIC HIGH WAISTED SITUATION. is KILLING me. and the JANGLESSSS!!!! i love you marc jacobs. and i love youuuu katie grand. who we cannot ignore becasue she styles this shit and she kills it.

whaaaat? what! WHAT. i will become the woman who wears this shoe. tell me what i need to do.

i can't even.

i love how he's like, bringing EARRINGS back. although i won't be wearing them. well, maybe my giant SCORPIO door knockers but only once in a while. the hair makes me want to make headbands out of shower scrubbers.

just stop. because that look on the left is all me. i'm wearing it tomorrow.

just one thing though, marc.
what's with the peewee herman boots?


Riikka Aaltonen said...

Holy fucking shit, that's pure genious!

laia. said...

fucking amazing.
seriously seriously seriously amazing.

also please buy those shoes.

loveology said...

Wooow, amazing collection!
Thanks for sharing... <3


Ana said...

Damn its pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

sleepyhead said...

the first look pretty much killed it. the shoulders shut it down. its bananas.

speaking zoe of course. btw, i also talk like this in RL which is probably why people mistake me for a 14 year old. woops.

brendan donnelly said...

i still don't understand fashion....and please never stop talking valley, that's why i totes will obvios luv you 4-ev-a

Miss Urbanita said...

Shoulder pad?... Marc always fantastic!

Tricia said...

please make a headband out of shower scrunchy things, Please! and then post a picture.

White Lightning said...

zoe speak is too fun. but this is the hideous cycle that always get me: you start saying it to MOCK IT and then before you KNOW IT, it has become part of your regular vernacular and then you're screwed. but i cant stop!!!

miz fashion herald.
i swear i am considering it.
if they come in black, how sick?!!???

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