if living in your pajamas is cool, then i'm miles davis.

my to-do list today is seriously long. and i can't bring myself to do anything. OHH DILEMMAS.

i guess utter lazydays are good for bloggin? i don't even have anything interesting to SAY.
i can get to a fave things tag from july stars that's been on the aforementioned to-do list (i have another one from isabel, but i need to space it out. who wants to read some much about ME all at once?)

soo...favoritesssss. here we go:

Clothes shop
: i am actually trying NOT to shop. but if i MUST, i go to thrifts, H&M, marc by marc, barneys sales, ANYONE'S sales. ebay is sometimes my biggest problem. tights and things from Amer Apparel, also a problem.
and sometimes i think i have money and i go to miu miu and buy shoes. or baubles. i was there yesterday and almost spent 300 dollars on a giant sequined pile of fabric that can be a pin or a head thing or whatever. this thing. but dark red satin, covered in a jillion sequins:

i know. it's not even a thing. but i had to seriously restrain myself. (ahem. my birthday is 2 weeks from today. a little miu miu can go a long way to battling the depression of saying BYE BYE to your twenties. JUST SAYING.)

Furniture shop: all my furniture is from flea markets and thrifts and free from the street, with some ikea and west elm jazz thrown in there..when i move, my dad has requested that i get more "adult" furniture. i have no idea what that means. if it's not this:

then i am confused. adults don't have paint-by-number collections? collections that include paint-by-number NAKED LADIES? lamesauce.

Sweet: no, you are! ohh, you mean to EAT? almond joys. any yellow or green hard candies. rainbow sherbet. snocaps. mint chocolate chip ice cream. CANDY CORN.

City: duh, new york. definitely rome. paris when i got to live the high life:

5 star hotels, room service 3 times a day, shopping at lanvin (just me tagging along with someone else's life..spoiler alert, IT'S AMAZING). i look at this picture and i dieeeeee.

Drink: aranciata, whiskey, icy vodka, red wine. micheladas. bloody marys. lemonade with mint!

Music: indie rock. my favorite bands of the 90s. 60s rock. anhything i can dance around to. i mean, you guys know my scene.


uh..you read this blog, right?

Film: wes anderson, coen bros, etc. documentaries. i have a low tolerance for slow and foreign. i am weirdly not that into movies, try not to hold it against me.

Workout: i live in a 4th floor walkup and i like dance parties?

Coffee: light n sweet. like me, brahs.


Tavi said...

As is rainbow sherbet. When I was little I went to the doctor and they gave me a beanie baby and it's name was Sherbet.

They also gave me beanie baby trading cards.

July Stars said...

Wow, finally ... wish i lived on a 4th floor with no lift but no: ground floor and five minutes walk from work! Ha!

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