if that's what you're in to

BLOGGING ADDICTION ASIDE, i am totes an internets dumbdumb; i can't post mp3s and words like "meme" freak me out.

i don't have a googlereader thing or whatever; i read all your blogs by checking out my old fashioned bookmarks; it is kinda shtoops, i mean, it takes forevs.

this whole "bloglovin" thing seems good? i'm sorting out for myself right now. if you would like to follow these here ramblings you can do so here...just EFF WHY EYEEEEEEE, theenks.

i hate a post without pics.
so, apropos of nothing, can we all feel collective shame for coveting the wardrobe of SLASH worshipping a three year old?


ps, my only qualm is that on my blog's page it says this:



Emily Sher said...

i loooooove suri. so much.

Andrew said...

googlereader? what in the...

I feel like I'm missing out on something here

Riikka Aaltonen said...

Hehee, I have The Sartorialist on my blog's bloglovin' page as well. :)
It's really quite hilarious.

T-Bonz said...

What the F is a Googlereader? and 'MeMe' -- I just used the word Xerox on my blog, so maybe this internetartedness runs in the fam.

Couture Carrie said...

I am VERY over the Sartorialist.
And I looooooove celeb sites too. I am so lame I even check out thesuperficial.com sometimes.
Yay Suri! Did you hear that Forbes rated her in the top ten for selling mags when she appears on the cover?


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

haha. i only read up to the here..and took the link and noticed the hated hatetorialist below and was gonna say somethin..but i see here, you already knew..
oh well, maybe it says yours on his and you and you can get more traffic out of it.

in other news, i wish i had even half of suri's clothing budget..hell we could probably split it and drown in booties and petticoats.
oh to dream.


wow i totally signed up for bloglovin last week & i will never read the old fashioned way again!!!!!

it is wayz better. do it.

Breanne said...

which one is tom? which one is katie? (the lady friend looks a bit like rumor willz)

elysia mann said...

i'm not feeling the bloglovin' thing...my blog is there, but i'm still so obsessed with reader. and...SURI IS MY IDOL! i want to be her. what a lucky girl!

me said...

good god, nopez indeed

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